Daniel Segrove | Red Truck Gallery New Orleans

My work focuses on my own perspective on life, identity, and empathy. I paint and draw people who are close to me or if they have a story I can relate too. My style consists of meticulous studies of anatomy and form, as well as pieces that explore a more emotional and expressive theme. I consider myself a figurative artist; I have been in love with portraits and the human form since I was a child. I find that as an artist, I can relate the most to art that has figures I can identify with and see a narrative of their story.

I try to capture an emotion or narrative of the figures I draw and paint. I can only consider that my work is finished if I feel that I have captured the right emotional energy to my work. I work in many mediums and use mix media in a lot of my artwork as well. I frequently paint with oil, as well as mixing mediums like charcoal, acrylic, and ink in my art. I find that when I combine multiple mediums it creates interesting and beautiful layers, just like a person’s life has many layers.

With my artwork I try to conceptualize how I can put myself in someone else’s shoes. I try to paint figures with an emotional feeling people can connect too; whether that is frustration, ecstacy, or loss of identity. Hopefully I am able to capture these emotions and connect the viewer to the figure in the artwork.