Matt Gordon | Red Truck Gallery New Orleans

Matt Gordon is a mixed media artist who was born in 1974 in Detroit, Michigan and is currently living and working out of Plymouth, Michigan. He attended both the College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio and Center of Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit. He strives to make well crafted and highly detailed acrylic paintings and pencil drawings, along with the occasional 3-D fabrication thrown in there to satisfy sculptural needs and to provide live models for things that don’t really exist but need to look like they do. The paintings and drawings have been parts or scenes of an ongoing story-line that he has been working on since 1997, with the ultimate goal of having them made into a big and wonderful illustrated storybook.

“I strive to make well executed and super detailed, thought out acrylic paintings and drawings with the occasional three dimensional carved wood sculpture thrown in the mix to illustrate this ongoing story line that has been in my head and heart for what seems like forever now. I spend a good amount of time in the woods mountain biking, running and just wandering around thinking. I witness a lot of strange animal behavior and see long abandoned things, these coupled with my study of the human condition when I’m participating in the real world make up the outline of my work. Plus, my older first cousins lived right down the street when I was very young. The memories of those cool teenagers and their friends and the time they let me spend around them, have never left me and have only gotten stronger the older I get.” – Matt Gordon