About Us


940 Royal Street, French Quarter

Open Daily

(504) 522-3630

Welcome to Red Truck Gallery, an art gallery based in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans. Red Truck Gallery was founded in 2006 by Noah Antieau and is curated by owners, Gabriel Shaffer and Rachael Cronin. We specialize in Contemporary Folk Art, Outsider Art, Americana, Low Brow and Pop Surrealism, in a welcoming atmosphere that is in warm opposition to the customary frills and stark white walls of the traditional art scene. Our artists work in an impressive range of art styles and mediums, but all are meticulous craftsmen who relish the detail and hard work that goes into making a piece.


After years of being a traveling gallery, exhibiting at shows, pop up curations and art fairs in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and seeing just about every little roadside town in America along the way, Red Truck returned to its permanent home in 2014, on Royal Street in New Orleans, the only place we can imagine settling down. We'd love to have you join us!!


We are not currently accepting submissions.