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Horoscopes & Star Sign Readings
Horoscopes & Star Sign Readings have incredible power and capacity for revelation. Our experts understand the ins and outs about this craft and can help you gain full advantage. This can have practical applications for many aspects of your life.
Clairvoyants & Future Readings

Clairvoyance is not just a gift but a skill that has to be carefully developed and improved upon. Our clairvoyants & future readings provide you with mind-blowing insights into your life and relationships.

Tarot Card Psychic Reading

Tarot readings requires the tarot reader to be fully attuned with the energy world. Our tarot readers are masters of interpretation and give our clients highly accurate readings.

“I have personally felt benefitted by the psychic services available on this website. I have felt great healing and an increase in self-love and acceptance, which would otherwise be very hard to attain. The process has been quite effortless thanks to COPC WA.”
Diana J. Sharp

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Types of psychics

For centuries, people have been captivated by psychics. They claim to have powers beyond the ordinary. These powers enable them to see things which are hidden from most people, including their own future. Even though skeptics question these abilities, many people believe that psychics can bring them helpful insight. Here we will see what kinds a Psychic are there, what each is good at, and we will learn some fascinating little-known facts about them.


Perhaps the best-known type of psychic are clairvoyants. The word “clairvoyant” means “clear seeing”. They claim to see visions of the past, present, or future. The visions can be received in various formats. They may see them as actual images that appear in their mind’s eye. Other times they see them like a film unspooling at must have been some previous time. Clairvoyants frequently use their powers to help people find items that were lost or to understand events which have not yet come to pass.

Interesting Fact: Not all clairvoyants see clear images. Some report seeing things in a more symbolical or abstract manner. Seeing a lion might, for instance, symbolize strength or a challenge ahead.

Many new theories stem from this realization that symbols can serve as a kind of ‘key’ to unlock mysteries of the human mind or world around us.


Those who feel beyond the normal limit of sensing or warmth are clairsentients. The term “clairsentient” means “clear feeling”. These psychics often have very strong “gut” feelings or emotions about people or situations. It is possible that they share the emotions of others as though they were their own. Clairsentients are very empathetic just to give one example. They can determine the energy dear reader of a room or know when something is amiss.

Interesting Fact: Many clairsentients experience a physical sensation such as tingling or warmth when they “pick up” something significant to the discussion.

To say the difference between the clairsentient feeling which is real 2 and having a “psychic intuition” (i.e. magical truth, INSIGHT) that one translates also into words for silence as well. This is actually 3 levels or more nuanced than just “felt”.


Clairaudients hear things which cannot be heard by others. The term “clairaudient” means “clear hearing”. These psychics may hear words spoken, music or other sounds from an unknown source. The sounds might come from spirits, angels or some other supernatural force behind nature. Clairaudients use their ability frequently to receive messages from the beyond. This can bring comfort to people who have lost loved ones.

An interesting fact is that there are also clairaudients who describe the voices they hear as coming from inside their own head; others say that these sounds seem spoken aloud.


Mediums are psychics that serve as a channel for spirits. They act as an intermediary between the living world and those who have already moved on. Mediums can receive messages from people passed on and pass them along to living individuals. Many people seek out mediums to get in touch with dead loved ones. This can offer them closure or solace.

Interesting Fact: Many mediums use tools such as the Ouija board or a crystal ball, helping to focus their energy and connect with spirits.

Psychic Readers

Psychic readers use a variety of tools to receive their insights. These may include reading tarot cards, runes, or looking for meaning in astrology charts. Readers interpret the results–often about love, career, and personal growth.

Interesting Fact: The tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own peculiar symbology and meaning. The cards are split into Major Arcana, which is superior, and the Minor Arcana.


Telepathic clairvoyants purport to be able to read other persons’ minds, to pick up their thoughts. Telepaths often use their power in order to understand people’s real motives–which can be a help in social situations.

Interesting Fact: Some telepaths say that they can only hear the surface thoughts of those they read, but a few insist on reading deeper into another person’s subconscious.


Empaths feel the emotions of others as though they were their own. They are highly empathic. Empaths can be inundated by the emotions they pick up; so it is important for them to practice self-care and set limits.

Interesting Fact: Empaths are usually attracted to the healing professions–medicine, psychology, social work–because they have a natural ability to understand and comfort people.

How people call it telekinesis or psychokinesis, the ability to move things by just thinking about them. This power is not common and tends to be treated with suspicion. People who claim to have this ability say that they employ mental energy to influence material objects. This could be slightly bending spoons or making small items move.

Interesting Fact: The idea of psychokinesis has been popularized in movies and on TV. However, the powers depicted are much exaggerated compared to what anyone can actually do in real life.

Aura Readers

Aura readers ‘see’ or feel the energy fields that surround and envelope human beings. It is thought that these energy fields, or auras, radiate the feelings and health of an individual. Aura readers look at the colors and patterns in a person’s aura so as to offer interpretations.

Interesting Fact: Different colors in an aura are thought to represent different aspects of a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual self. For example, blue often indicates calmness; red suggests intense feelings or vigor.


Precognitives can see or feel future events. They may have a vision, dream or stern sensation about what is coming. Precognition can be spontaneous, or else it may be induced through meditation and other methods.

Interesting Fact: Many famous people in history, such as Nostradamus, have claimed to possess precognitive abilities that can predict things many years ahead.

Interesting Facts about Psychics

Historical Roots: Psychic phenomena have been reported throughout recorded history. In ancient civilizations, there would often be soothsayers or seers performing work quite similar to our modern day psychics.

Scientific Studies: While many scientists are skeptical, some experiments have been conducted into psychic abilities. There is evidence from these experiments to suggest that there may indeed be something to these claims, though conclusive proof is still lacking.

Cultural Differences: Different cultures have their own unique beliefs about psychics. In some cultures, psychic powers are held in high esteem and regarded as sacred gifts. In others, they may be feared and misunderstood, even though they are widely known about there too.

Pop Culture: Psychics have a strong presence in popular culture. Movies, TV shows, and books often depict psychic characters with dramatic and exaggerated abilities.

How to Try It

Let’s get Ridiculous. If you are still curious about psychics, try a reading. As long as the psychic comes from a reputable institution and you keep an open mind, nothing can go wrong.

Learn to Meditate: Training your intuition begins long before it arrives. Quiet reflection for ten minutes each day can permit your senses to grow and develop one by one.

Are a good tool for that: Check tarot cards or astrology. Even if you don’t believe their claims to mystical power, they are amusing ways to study symbolism and intuition!

Join a Group: In your community or online, they can be found, groups that focus on psychic development. Discussion and sharing experiences with other people can offer both support as an aid to insight.

There are many forms and each has their unique abilities and techniques. From clairvoyants to empaths, their skills give us an fascinating insight into human experiences. Whether you believe or not there is at least one thing no one can deny about psychics: they are deeply intriguing. The study of these abilities provides new concepts for thinking about and understanding the world that surrounds us. Whether you turn to psychics for amusements sake, out of curiosity or for serious consultation – the journey will always be enriching and enlightening.

10 myths about psychic reading

Most people believe online psychics are scam artists, and they think that psychics can only con clients with their skill set and tacts gay psychics who use blue crystals for mediumship. However, several genuine psychic professionals have high ethics and help people without cheating. These professionals give their clients the right advice and help them get a fulfilling and happy life. Unfortunately, certain unscrupulous psychics in the psychic industry have created a false image about the psychic profession. People say psychic readings can be scary as these readers say ominous things to make their clients afraid. However, this is not the truth, as genuine psychic readers provide accurate reading to customers. Phone psychics help to do good to their clients by communicating everything that they see. Psychic readings have been a fascinating matter for humans; however, some misconceptions and myths have presented these professionals in a negative light. These misconceptions and myths have to be debunked so that no wrong impression is formed for the entire psychic community.


  1. All psychic mediums and readers are scammers as they do cold reading

Some individuals in the psychic sector try to treat others unfairly or take advantage of their situation. Men and women are easy to target in the psychic industry. Con artist claims to help you earn more money or remove bad omen from your luck. Such psychic scammers have a bad reputation and can’t remain in the business for long. However, such people are very few, and not all psychic artists are scammers. Most of the phone psychics who have come with good reputations are gifted and have natural powers to get you the information and insights you need. Some people are bold and clever enough to trick others therefore, you have to be cautious while selecting a psychic reader for yourself. You can seek free psychic reading, feedback, and research thoroughly for choosing a medium or psychic reader for yourself so that you can get an enjoyable and genuine experience.

  1. Psychic mediums help in finding a missing person

There are several real cases where mediums or psychics have genuinely helped people to find their missing ones and even assisted in solving the murder and criminal cases. However, in most cases, it doesn’t happen. This is because the information received by the psychic reader in criminal and murder cases is general and not specific. Therefore, they are not of any real help in finding the bodies or missing persons. It becomes difficult to connect even if they get specific information and fail to make a breakthrough. Although, in many cases, psychics have given incredible assistance in locating missing persons, however, in most cases, psychics are not a precise help in locating a missing person or solving criminal cases.

  1. Medium and psychic are interchangeableterms

Most people use both the term medium and psychic interchangeably. However, you must be aware of the fact that both these terms differ from one another. A psychic is a professional who naturally perceives information or facts hidden by hearing, seeing, or sensing something. A medium is a person who communicates with departed spirits and connects the souls with their close and loved ones. Most people have this misconception that psychic and medium are the same; however, both the services differ.

  1. Psychic mediums can influence your destiny by reading your minds

Mediums and psychics do not read the minds of their clients. These professionals have the natural ability to tap into your energy field containing information related to your life; however, they do not read your mind exactly and do not know what you are thinking. Mediums and psychics get the information from their client’s psychic senses. They put together all the information that their client sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels to derive insights. They put all the information to help you derive insights related to your present, past, or future.

  1. Mediums and psychics can predict your future accurately

It is a common misconception that most individuals believe best psychics and mediums can help predict their future. However, this is not a fact. Mediums and psychics are professionals who tune or tap into the energies and connect to future events. By using their psychic senses, they help give insights into the possible future outcomes; however, they cannot predict the future accurately. They also use tools like palmistry, tarot cards, and astrology, along with the information they get from their clients through their psychic senses, to derive insights and decide the possible future outcome accurately. There can be chances for psychic readers to be completely wrong if they fail to tap into the energy and misinterpret the information. The insights that they predict can be altered.

  1. Every astrologer has natural psychic abilities

You are highly wrong if you think that every astrologer or psychic reader has powerful psychic abilities. Although astrologers are psychic readers with special powers, there is no surety about their abilities. The skill sets or psychic abilities can be different; every palm reader, numerologist, astrologist, medium, psychic, and terror reader has their unique way of answering every question.

  1. Psychics have supernatural powers

Many believe that psychic readers have supernatural powers; however, this is not the truth, as they are just like ordinary humans with some psychic abilities. They don’t have anything to help in paranormal activities, occult science, witchcraft, ghosts, and spirits. Psychic readers are professionals who come with powerful intuition, the skill set that helps them earn money. There is nothing to be scared of or think of psychics as natural supernatural beings. This is a misconception that people believe.

  1. Psychic readers can curse and harm people

A common myth about online psychic reading, which gives the psychic reading profession a poor name is that psychic readers curse people and can even bring misfortune. However, this is not the truth, as psychic readers are normal people who perform their job without intending to harm others. Psychic readers come with special powers and gifts not meant for troubling people. Psychic readers use their special abilities to create a positive influence. Therefore it is important to see them in a positive light. They use their power to help others and bless humanity without cursing them. Many people believe that these readers do not have any special skills and they are just good observers. Some also believe that they perform cold readings to answer their clients’ questions. This myth about psychic readers is that they are smart professionals who assess the customers’ facial expressions and body language to answer the questions that will align with the client’s expectations. However, this myth has to be debunked since their predictions may not be accurate every time; however, they provide fairly satisfactory results to most clients.

  1. Psychic readers are always ready

Many people have this notion that psychic readers and mediums are ready to perform a reading whenever they want at their clients’ call. However, this is a wrong notion since psychic readers require the correct frame of mind and the right atmosphere to give their clients an accurate and correct reading. To give good psychic reading, positive energy has to flow from the reader so that he can provide you with the right answers to all the questions you have in your mind. If you think psychic reading will help you get a clear picture of your present, past, and future, then you are wrong. You should not expect that a psychic reader will help you know about everything that has occurred in your past or will be happening in your future. Psychic readers need not know everything about the clients, and they can answer specific questions depending on your energy and vibes in person or in a free psychic chat.

  1. Only psychic readers can do Tarot reading

Tarot readers are gifted psychics who use tarot cards as an important tool to guide others and help them to get the answers that they are looking for. However, it is not mandatory that tarot card has to be read by psychic readers only. Likewise, you need not be a psychic reader to read the tarot cards. With your self-knowledge, intuition or gut feeling, and careful study, you can also learn the ability to read and interpret the cards for yourself. Today, the tarot card has become a popular and important self-care means. This is because you can know how to interpret tarot cards for yourself, and this helps to give you more confidence about handling issues in your life. Anyone can indeed read or learn to read a psychic tarot card; however, if you want to get the right insights, then you should trust the professional experience of a psychic reader who comes with natural psychic gifts and will help you to improve your self-confidence and awareness.



Psychic readers are professionals who have amazing powers and are blessed with natural abilities that normal people do not have. For example, these experts can hear or see information that will not be audible or visible to normal human beings. Although psychics are blessed with natural abilities and special powers, many misconceptions related to their professional have to be debunked.

Tarot Cards

Learn the Different Types and Uses of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a universal form of divination, and many people use them in various ways. They can help you deal with different kinds of issues in your life. They can help you make important decisions, and they can help you navigate your intimate relationships. Some types of Tarot cards include Angel, Oracle, and Reversed Tarot. Read on to learn more about tarot cards:

Angel cards

The Angel cards in tarot are the cards that can guide you in certain situations. These cards benefit those who have had a personal experience with a higher being. They can be used for many different purposes. If you are interested in learning more about them, here are some tips to help you make the most of your readings.

You can buy Angel cards from bookshops and online. Pay special attention to the cover image, as it can give you an idea of the cards’ overall character. This will also help you connect with the pack and improve your reading. You can also buy pre-used packs if you’re looking for a cheap alternative.

Angel cards in tarot are often used to guide people in their lives. These cards offer spiritual guidance and gentle encouragement. This may work well for those who need encouragement and support. However, you must check with your psychic reader before deciding on a deck if you’re unsure of your beliefs.

Three-card spreads

Three-card spreads on Tarot cards can be very powerful for achieving specific goals, and they can also be an excellent tool to identify what could go wrong. A good three-card spread will capture the main points of your plans, and the final card will offer you the energy to pursue your goals. The spread is especially effective for self-reflective readings, as the third card can be used as a mantra to guide you in the present moment.

A three-card spread is ideal for a New Year or season since it will help you see what needs to be let go of and what needs to be held on to. The three-card spread can also serve as a way to check in and assess yourself. You can use the Body card to look at your physical health, the Mind card to understand how your thoughts affect your life, and the Soul or Spirit card to gain insights into your spiritual practice.

If you are new to tarot, a three-card spread can be a good option for your first readings. These readings are easy to use, and the three cards provide more information than a single card. Additionally, you will see how each of the three cards relates to the other two.

Three-card spreads

Reversed Tarot cards

Reversed Tarot cards signify that the energy within reading is shifting. It may be a turning point in a situation or an attachment that needs to be released. Reversed cards are also helpful for identifying a missing element in reading. The Eight of Swords is a good example. Its reversed interpretation could indicate that you are trapped in your thoughts, and a solution is needed to move forward.

You can also run into the nine of swords. The meaning of the nine swords can be pretty complicated. It can mean anything from a nightmare to inner turmoil and even complete recovery. It typically means you must be courageous and move on from a painful experience.

The reversed Tarot cards have different meanings than upright cards, so it’s essential to understand the importance of each card. Some people like reversals to enhance their readings, while others avoid them because they find them overwhelming. Hence, it is crucial to trust your intuition when working with reversed Tarot cards.

Oracle cards

Oracle cards may be a good fit if you are interested in tarot cards but want a more spiritual and free-flowing approach. The creator of an oracle deck can choose the number of cards, images, and meanings. They can also decide whether or not they include a book of interpretations. These cards can be an excellent option for beginners still learning the art’s ins and outs.

Oracle cards are not always pretty pictures, but they can often tell us something important about ourselves. They may contain images that remind us of people we love or reveal a major decision we need to make.

For example, a card may tell us to change our careers or plan a romantic proposal. However, this type of card reading should not replace the decision-making process, which should be based on your intuition. Before you begin using Oracle cards, make sure you have an open mind and are comfortable. This is because the more you trust your readings, the more accurate they will be.

Psychic Reading

How Can A Psychic Reading Change Your Life?

Psychic readings are a great way to connect with higher intelligence. These readings will help you grow as a person, find your life’s purpose, and empower yourself. You’ll learn that you’re not alone in experiencing the challenges you face. Read on to learn more about psychic readings and their life changing effects:

Psychic readings are a way to connect with a greater intelligence

Psychic readings are a way for people to connect with higher intelligence and receive guidance from the spirit. While the process is not always easy, you should have some basic knowledge of psychics and how to use a psychic reading to achieve your goals.

Psychic readings can help you navigate challenging times in your life. They can also be beneficial in helping you learn from mistakes you may have made in the past. They can be highly insightful and help you with inner transformation. They can also help you grow your spiritual awareness by providing unique insight into your life that you would not otherwise be able to receive.

Psychic readings

They can help you grow as a person

Psychic readings are a great way to understand your feelings and get insight into how to move forward. They are also beneficial for people who have felt stuck in their relationships or career. They can also help with practical issues, such as legal complications.

They can help you find your life’s purpose

Psychic readings are a great way to identify the direction of your life. In addition, they can reveal obstacles that are blocking you from achieving your full potential. For example, if you are unhappy in a relationship, a psychic reading can help you determine whether to try to rekindle the flame or move on. A psychic reading can also help you determine whether your partner is the one for you.

Before booking a psychic reading, you need to determine what you want to know. You can start by asking yourself, “What is my ultimate goal?” After determining your purpose, you can narrow down the options. Also, consider whether you want a psychic reading with a general or specific focus. Make sure to look for a site with a good reputation, strict screening processes, and public reviews. In addition, you want to check for a guarantee and discount options.

The experience of the psychic you choose is essential. A psychic with less experience can be inaccurate and leave you feeling confused. On the other hand, a psychic with more experience is likely to be able to recognize difficult situations and provide clearer answers.

They can empower you

Psychic readings are a wonderful way to discover what’s going on with your life. But be wary of scam artists. These unscrupulous individuals use the name of a psychic to take advantage of people who believe in their abilities. A real psychic will not paint a rosy picture of your future and won’t make unrealistic predictions. Instead, they will empower you to overcome the challenges you face in life.

You should avoid psychics who blame their victims for their problems. These psychics are simply tapping into their victims’ insecurities. Instead, it’s best to stick to authentic readings where the psychic has your best interests at heart.

Online Psychic

Choosing an Online Psychic

Choosing a psychic is easy with the help of an online psychic directory. The listings contain profiles of psychics and the services they offer. These directories allow you to search for the psychic who will provide the most accurate reading for your needs. Moreover, many of these sites have a free trial period, which means you can use to try out any psychic you like.

While choosing a psychic is very personal, some online platforms are better than others. Some are more traditional, while others are more contemporary. These sites are a good choice if you want to be more open to the experience of receiving a psychic reading. Some sites even offer a guarantee for first-time users, so you can be sure that they’re not a scam.

Keen is an online platform where you can get a psychic reading. The site offers tarot readings, astrology, dream interpretations, and horoscopes. Another popular site is AskNow, which claims to be one of the strictest online platforms for hiring psychics. Advisors at this website have been handpicked and tested, so you can be sure that they will be able to provide you with the information you need.